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About TSPN




Timeless Soldier Productions Network of Music (TSPNmusic LLC) is an urban music production company that specializes in the development of artist recordings, original music, and live recordings.

















2021 has made TSPNmusic's SIXTEEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY as it was founded in 2005 by TaShakka Stills. TaShakka wears many hats; he is the account manager, founder, owner, CFO, accountant, advertising manager, producer, and engineer. Furthermore, TaShakka is also the band director and founder of one of Shreveport's hottest bands FRONT COVER!


TSPNmusic is capable of producing VERSATILE music for different genres such as R&B, blues, rap, pop, gospel, etc. "VERSATILITY" best describes TSPNmusic best because TaShakka also writes and produces jingles for different businesses as well. 

Available services:


  • CD/Demo Recording

  • Track Production

  • Vocal Recording Studio Time

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Jingle Writing

  • New Wave Audio Expressions

  • Cards

  • Audio Trailers/Commercials

About Front Cover


"I had a blast and this
picture will prove all that."


-Jovania Artis

Celebrity Lounge on
Apr 22, 2015
Front Cover Band Concert

"Super Cool video! Vocals and band are simply AWESOME!"


-Lisa Harrison commenting on the "Front Cover Band n Larry Ellis @ Valencia on Cross Lake - Celebrate" video.

"I enjoyed the performance last night at Buffalo Wild Wings, u guys are awesome!!!!!"


-Nyesha Charles on August 9, 2013 at the Louisiana Boardwalk @ Buffalo Wild Wings from 6-10 concert.

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